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I’m trying to get my baby to eat healthy fresh foods instead of seeds! I chopped up broccoli and a grape, and mixed it with her seeds and some millet. She is so damn resistant! >=T she is just looking into her dish like “wtf is this??”
Dorian, on the other hand, loves and trusts just about anything I hand him. Haha.

  • finallycowboys said: where did you get yours down/how much did you pay bc i wanna get mine done
  • Eternal Art Tattoo on Bee Ridge- Walf recommended me to them. It's in a weird lot but there's a nice lady who works there and makes you feel better about being a little bitch and gets it done real quick. It's $80- and then you should tip a little. They have the most and best reviews on google- other place's reviews also seem kinda fake? Idk. Good lady good place. She cost a little bit more than the competition but I trust her.